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Wearing Peppermint Socks

You have heard of peppermint socks, right? Those are the ones that are white with the red stripes on them – perfect for people who are used to sticking their foot in their mouth. We all have gone down that road where we manage to say the wrong thing at the wrong time in social situations.

Social Faux Pas

With the holiday season upon us, it is much more likely we will find ourselves using these social socks more often, as there is always the harried shopper or sales clerk who has neither the time or the patience to watch their every word or thought. Although these social faux pas are embarrassing for the speaker, the victims usually are able to share them with family and friends to broadcast your error.

Add to the merriment the newer and smaller mobile technology that allows your momentary lapse of sanity to be broadcast on the Internet (perhaps live!) for the rest of the world to see. There is the potential for you to become a viral video star! This is not suggesting that you should become paranoid in the presence of everyone under the age of 30. But caution should be exercised nevertheless.

Become the Shooter Instead of the Target

But while there is the danger of becoming the family’s holiday Christmas embarrassment, you have the opportunity to turn a profit on this phenomenon yourself. The simplest way is to become the shooter instead of the target. Bring along your own mobile device and catch people at their moment of weakness. The higher quality the camera the better, as fuzzy Internet videos are often shunned.

A word of caution though. You have to remember how many Google Glass wearers got the bum’s rush from certain public areas because people didn’t like the idea of being videoed without their permission.

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