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Should Companies Be Loyal To Their Country of Origin?

There has been a lot of discussion around the exporting of jobs to other countries, as well as foreign owned companies establishing bases in America. The global economic expansion has come home to roost, and is now causing many Americans to wonder if companies legally owned as businesses in the United States should be required to take care of their own first.

Jobs Gone Overseas

Many of the highest paying jobs have been outsourced, a nice way of saying gone overseas, to other countries for the sole purpose of saving the company millions of dollars. The evidence for this is that the United States has no problem in importing H1B visa workers to fill the shortage of high skilled technological jobs here. Thus, the company does not have to incur all the overhead of paying American employees salary and benefit packages.

At the core of the problem is other countries are nothing like America when it comes to developing manufacturing plants that produce products that meet strict governmental safety standards and employee working conditions. Make the same product overseas with cheaper labor and regulatory costs, and you generate a higher profit.

Global Influence and Exporting Jobs

But the company that is legally registered to gain the advantages of being an American business needs to take care of its own – the people who created the government and pay taxes to ensure the viability of the culture and standard of living. There does not have to be anything Draconian about the law, just make it so that a specific number of American citizens are to be hired before a company can extend its global influence and export its jobs.

There is nothing that restricts the company from being competitive, if being competitive means that a business provides a quality product or service at a reasonable price, with this suggestion. If the goal is to create a business in order to profit stakeholders who may or may not use the products they are investing in, the best interests of the country and the employee are not being served.

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