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Bleeding Edge Shopping Technology

OK. Maybe not so much. The point here is what a man has to go through to get a 5 pack of razor blades for their silky smooth shave. There are $150 cameras left out in some stores for customers to fondle and view through. But razor blades seem to be more valuable than condoms these days.

Why Razor Blades?

The question is why. Obviously retail stores have conducted studies and have a horde of statistics that tell the story of how those small packages were shoplifted by more people than actually paid for them, which is a problem in itself. Locking them up was the trend for a while, but now it seems that retailers have relaxed their security level on the luxury item.

If the Internet has anything to say about it, and it does, it seems the best solution for the security of the razor blades and their corresponding profitability is to have them sold on the Internet to be delivered to the customer’s residence. The major retailers have online stores anyway, and many have next day service available, though it is hard to imagine why someone would allow themselves to run out of razor blades.

Razor Blade Home Delivery

There would be a resultant decrease in the cost of the razor sharp package, as all the security packaging would not be necessary. It is a win-win for everyone, because if the customer is the focus of the modern business, stores do not need to lose money by diverting the sales to the Internet, and buyers can always find what they need and have it delivered conveniently to their home.

What is interesting in all of this is how despite advances in technology, the manual razor blade has survived electric razors and attempts at creating chemicals to exfoliate a man’s face.

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