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Actors Being Actors

Michael J. Fox has said about his character on the 1980’s television Family Ties that one of the reasons he loved his role was because it allowed him to be someone who could not naturally be. In effect, he was saying that the best actors for a specific role are those who most want to assimilate to the character. Alex P. Keaton is the image that was connected to him, even though it was only a fictional character. (Maybe.)

Why Actors Get Caught Up In Their Acting Roles?

But that is what we always have to remember about actors. They are actors, being paid to convince us that the character they are portraying for the next few hours are real people. That is what draws us to the best actors and screenplays, and why the actors themselves often get caught up in their own roles.

Acting can be looked at as a life experience class in psychology. It has been said that many actors in both the theatre and the silver screen were students who were trying to resolve some of their own problems and just did not fit in with others – except other theatre and acting majors. They hide behind their masks and are able to hide their real selves from the world for various lengths of time. The best actors are able to morph their personalities into that of the character they are playing, and convince us that we should believe everything they say that fits into the character’s persona. It is not an attempt to deceive, but instead act.

What Went Wrong?

When we hear of the tragedies that often befall actors, we often ask ourselves what went wrong. Many times nothing went wrong. What we were seeing was an actor or actress who played their part very, very well.

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