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14 Heath Foods You Need To Avoid

According to many experts not all health foods are healthy for you. This is a fact. If you simply read the ingredients label required on every grocery store item, and on the nutritional facts listed on every food item in a store you may be surprised at what you find. But what about items that you buy from heavily advertised food chains or those that seem like no-brainers? As is often the case, not everything is as it seems.

Here is a short list of 14 so called healthy foods that are not everything they are advertised to be. The next time you go out for something to eat, whether at the grocery store or for a quick bite to eat, when you are thinking healthy be sure you know what you are putting into your mouth.

1. Veggie patties

While this seems like an ideal way to avoid the so called dreaded red meat that comes from tasty animals, in many cases they are more of a compound of chemicals and fillers than have an actual vegetable content even though they taste like un-meat.

Veggie Patties


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